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What kind of restaurant do you have ?

Restaurant Hapina : French style cuisine
Okinawan Diner Muruku : Okinawan and Japanese cuisine
Tea Lounge Chaguwa
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Is it allowed to smoke in a restaurant?

No, all restaurants are non-smoking.

Is there any private room in the restaurant?

Please note that there is no private room in the restaurant.

Can we use the restaurant even though we are not staying with you?

Yes, you can. The restaurant is available to visitors as well.

Can you do something for our anniversary?

Yes. If your staying plan includes a dinner, we can put some message on the dessert plate which comes at the end of your dinner course. Or you can order an anniversary cake. It's 2,500 yen without tax, and it need to be ordered until 3 days before you check in.

Do you have dinner menu for children?

Yes, we have a set menu called Kid's Plate. It's 1,760 yen without tax. Please make sure to order a kid's plate until a day before you check in.